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Guy and I were planning to take off. I had to cancel and then never got around to going after that. Things came up, you know? Life took me in a new direction. C'est la vie, Tor's voice said, but his face was pinched in self-pity. I'm sorry, Maggie said. Yeah. I wanted to go to Iceland, too, but that was out of my price range. Sending me to college just about broke the bank. I went to IU. Dad always called Indiana out East. Anything east of the Mississippi may as well have been New England instagram to him. Maggie was buy instagram followers now sure of this conversation turning out to be more than a momentary side-track. If she could steer Tor's free-ociating train of thought, however, she might be able to glean a bit of helpful information from him. Why Iceland? she asked. Well, what's buy instagram followers not to like? Tor asked. Black sand beaches next to stark white cliffs. Rolling grlands and sod houses. A natural volcanic landscape barely altered by human hands. And the history--wow! The history of Iceland is amazing. Did you know they were one of the first democratic governments in the world? In fact, they might have been the first, as far as recorded history is concerned. I can't remember now--I'd have to look it up. That's very interesting, Maggie said politely, biding her time. Tor looked down at his feet, where one of his long toes was poking out of a hole in his sock. He sighed. Money sucks, you know? If this were a barter society, we'd all be much better off. But costs. The things we want and need always cost us a lot. Maggie chose this as her moment to be direct. Do you need me to start paying buy instagram followers rent, Tor? she asked. He looked at Maggie appraisingly. You're really sharp, you know that? Maggie did not answer. No, Tor said. I don't think you paying rent would help. Is the farm losing money? Small operation farmers often lose money. Honestly, I have never made more than just enough to get by. Maggie did not fail to note that Tor said I and not we. How much debt are we talking about? A lot. More than anyone here knows. What can I do to help? And here was the real point of his wanting to talk to her, Maggie knew. Tor had pulled her aside to ask for help. buy instagram followers I have an iron or two on the fire, but if they don't heat up, I may have to sell. Tor, what can I do? I have a couple of ideas. I wonder if you would mind keeping this quiet, though? I don't want to panic the others. Maggie nodded her ent. First, could you come with me to a city council meeting? I think your perspective as a resident of a larger community might be helpful with something we've been discussing. The instagram other things is, I wonder if you could talk to your dad and see if he might want to invest in the farm, take part ownership maybe. I don't know how his business is doing, but your siblings are mostly grown, right? So he's got fewer expenses now. And Joe was always a devoted fan of Fennel's. Perhaps he'd do it as an ode to her memory? Maggie thought these sounded like two very bad ideas. Joe would never in a million years buy part of Original Farm. He had plans to retire soon. Well, Mary had plans for Joe to retire, anyway. Maggie was well aware what Tor wanted her to